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Jan 26, 2013 12:30pm PST
israel. meet yahir lapide. >> a new arrival on the scene is and personality lapide who leads israel. why has netanyahu lost steam? >> this is a very interesting revolution. there's no doubt but this election, in fact with the defeat for netanyahu. >> meaning what? he won the election. >> he may be the next prime minister. his party went down. >> who, yahir? >> no, netanyahu's own party went down from 42 seats to 31 seats. so his party had fewer seats. this guy came out of nowhere. his first time running for office. he got 19 seats. he became the most -- the second most important party in -- out of nowhere. so he has become the star of this thing. and netanyahu is going to have to make a deal with him. all of the politicians are splintered but it's never been like this. now netanyahu is going to have to move, if i may say so, this is now a center right. it is going to be much more pragmatic and open. >> how long is his term? >> five years, isn't it? >> it can be as much as five years but it almost never lasts five years because the coalition breaks up. >> how long do you think he wil
Jan 17, 2013 12:00am PST
israel were under threat. let's go to god in our sackcloth and ashes," and we didn't have the literal sackcloth and ashes to put on, so we thought, white. but then also as we put on the white, no makeup, no jewelry, and we cover our hair, so that's how the white came about. so the white was symbolic, symbolizing our sackcloth and ashes. then we decided we would do it fasting and praying. every day as we went out there to fast and pray we thought let's not keep it inside. let's take it outside, and we decided to take that fish market because it was the major highway for president taylor going home and going to work every day. then someone said, "let's picket." at the end of the day we kept our focus. it was about the peace of liberia, it was about the future of our children. tavis: i am struck by, and i want to ask you to comment on this, i am struck by -- and it's in the subtitle of your text, but we live in a world where not everybody values the power of prayer. no matter who you're praying to -- if you're a christian you're praying to god, if you're muslim you're praying --
Jan 7, 2013 6:30pm PST
received criticism for his record on israel, iran, and gay rights. current defense secretary leon panetta says he will retire when his replacement is approved by the senate. >> tom: tonight we begin a new weekly series here on nbr. we partnered with some of the nation's top universities to bring you the best research on business, the economy and investing. we call it nbru. now our partners in this combine over 400 years of business knowledge. they include harvard university, standford, wharton and vanderbilt universities. each monday we will speak with top professors about key money issues and you can read in-depth at, just look for the tab. now we begin our series with the corporate focus on shareholder value. every c.e.o. of a publicly-traded company concentrates on-- most prominently on display every day. that focus on share price hurts the economy, according to margaret blair, a professor at vanderbilt university. professor, is shareholder value first best expressed by today's stock price? >> yes, tom, thanks for having me on this show. the shareholder, the share price
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3